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Logs and Kindling

1 Cubic meter delivered locally £85

Alternatively logs are available to collect by the bag at Wilderness Wood, Hadlow Down TN22 4HJ.


Self-filled sack of logs: £6.00

Ready-filled sack of logs: £6.50

Bulk delivered loacally: £85 / 1 cubic metre

Kindling: £6 per medium sack


Our logs are produced locally and seasoned for a minimum of one year. Logs are sold by volume, and are seasoned mixed hardwood, including sweet chestnut. Take care when burning chestnut on open fires as sweet chestnut may spit. Please state ‘open fire’ or ‘stove’ when ordering bulk loads as non-chestnut logs are available.

If you have trees or fallen deadwood which you would like cut into logs, please contact me directly on the number below.

Telephone: 07783528881 E-mail: