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Woodland Products and Services

Furniture - Fences - Trellis / Arches - Logs - Poles - Bespoke - Woodland work


Based at the Workshop at Wilderness Wood, East Sussex, I am continuing to offer the Wilderness Wood range of woodland products as well as my own. With over 20 years’ experience working as a woodsman, carpenter and conservationist, I am able to offer a range of services from splitting logs to woodland management.

Woodland products, ranging from rustic garden furniture, rose arches, trellis and pergolas, chestnut poles, gates, fencing and firewood to bespoke projects such as play houses and kitchens, are made in a unique style using locally available materials. Please contact me for friendly advice or a free quote.


Woodland Products traditionally made in East Sussex

Latest News: New sales area at Wilderness wood. We have now finished the “Wood House” constructed from wilderness wood sweet chestnut. It will house fire wood and furniture for sale at wilderness wood.

"The logs we had from you are excellent and are burning really well", Sarah Skerman

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