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Fencing and gates

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Made out of chestnut coppice wood, I can supply and install Post and Rail fencing, stock fencing, woven chestnut panels, paling and criss cross fencing to fit your requirements.

The following items we keep in stock and can be collected from Wilderness Wood.

Fence Posts, from £1.50-£3.15

Half round rails 6ft, £3.40

Cleft post and rail, from £10.60 per rail, £16.50 per post

Tree stakes, from £1.40-£2.20

Spiles, from 90p - £1.45

Please contact me for a free quote, samples to view below.

criss cross gate

cleft gate

criss cross fence


chestnut posts

Hazel hurdles

Woven chestnut panels with cleft gate

Post and rail with field gate